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September 2, 2021  Racine, Reefpointe Marina

We really enjoyed our 3 nights in Racine.  Reefpointe Marina was the nicest one we’ve experienced.  There was an on-site restaurant with pretty good food, very nice facilities, a pool and two hot tubs!  The other fun part of this marina is that there were several Looper boats there.  Each night, there was a gathering, called “docktales” where we all sat around sharing tales of our adventures and good information for what is ahead.  Eight of us went to dinner one night at Olde Madrid and had a fabulous time.  Our looping experiences, up to now, were mostly just Dan and I and an occasional looper boat or folks on land who have had, or hope to have, looping experience.  Starting now, however, we seem to be in a big bubble of boats who are making their way south.  Not only are we in the prime time of the season for this migration, but there is a tremendous increase in the number of boats out here – likely because of the pent up demand from the pandemic.  We’re enjoying the social aspects of the journey!

Racine, like many of the towns we’ve visited is an old city with interesting architecture.  Compared to Milwaukee though, Racine looks as though she is having a rougher time economically.  I enjoyed my two morning walks, taking pictures of old houses with nice porches and buildings with attractive architectural details.  I really enjoyed visiting their art museum – lots of whimsical pieces that were a joy to behold.

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