Thursday, May 9, 2013

Post demolition cleanup!

These guys (and one big honking machine!) have accomplished wonders in only three days!  We've filled a 40 cubic yard dumpster each day and, so far, three 10 cubic yard dumpsters just for the cement. 
It's wierd seeing just the original house on this huge lot!

That's one of the workers, nickname Low, working hard on his improvised workbench in the shade!

Dan chatted with a trucking company doing work in front of the Art Van store.  They had about 10 yards of road base they needed to haul away and pay to dump somewhere.  Dan told him we'd gladly take it - we'll use it under the new driveway!  Great partnering  here!!

From the back door of the house - old porch structure to be removed - really really hard cement!

The machine (and Dave) lifting a large piece of cement.


The growing pile of road base.

Tony and Jessie working hard to reclaim brick for the new addition.


This large piece of cement caused the big machine to tip - Dave dropped it and the machine rocked and rolled for a bit before settling down!

Almost all cleaned up...

That's one of the small dumpsters, for cement only

This wall, part of the original 1941 construction, almost foiled this big machine!   Dave dropped the shovel over and over, just to start chipping away at it.  Finally was able to get it out...

There!  Now we've got it!
This whole project is pretty amazing.  And, my husband is an amazing man - to keep all the balls in the air and keep the project speeding forward.  Tomorrow (Thursday) we plan to start digging the basement!

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