Saturday, May 11, 2013

Digging the basement!

Today, Saturday, May 11, we have already (by 9:00) had four huge truckloads of dirt gone from the pile.  Dave and Dan expect to have the  basement completely dug by end of day!  It only takes Dave about 5 or 6 minutes to load 28 cubic feet of dirt into a truck!  Amazing to watch. 


Isaac and I watched for a while from the second story window..

Look at that HUGE piece of old cement!

Even for this big machine, that much cement is a stretch!

Now you can see the whole thing.  Our property is 1-1/2 lots, as is the house next door.  By the location of this cement, we figure there must have been a large house on that middle lot.  Both these houses were built in 1941.  Maybe it was an old farmhouse?

Isaac helping...

The guys are setting up the lazer so Dave can precisely take just the amount of dirt needed.

Isaac loved actually helping.  He grunted and postured - too funny!

Laser safety glasses for the youngest helper.

The hole gets bigger!

Our favorite machine operator/artist, Dave!

Here, Dan and Roy are positioning the laser.

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