Sunday, August 26, 2018

Left Havre De Grace, cross to the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal (C&D), to Delaware City

 By the time we left Havre De Grace, after the boat having been there over two weeks, most of the flood driven debris was gone.  We still had to be vigilant, as there were some branches in the water.  We entered the C&D Canal with no problem and proceeded down to Delaware City, at the opening of the Delaware Bay.  On the way, we passed 4 bridges, but all were high enough that we didn’t need to ask/wait for an opening.
In Delaware City, we were tied up on a face dock at the city’s docks.  We were delighted to find our friends, Bill and Nita, from Phase II, there!  They had unfortunately had been there longer than they planned, having had to deal with a medical emergency with Bill.  He was ok, though, so we got to go to dinner with them.  We were also met there by Foster Schucker and his wife, Susan.  Foster had been a wonderful help in Havre De Grace – on our return trip from home, we had to return the rental car to Newark, Delaware, about 35 miles from the boat.  Foster met us there and drove us down to the boat.  Foster and Susan met us in Delaware City for lunch.  Foster was also a big help in helping us to determine when would be a good time for cruising out to Cape May through the Delaware Bay.

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Docked at Delaware City

view from the dock to the bay

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