Sunday, August 26, 2018

From Cape May to Atlantic City, New Jersey

Well, after sitting out a couple of windy days in Cape May, the Sea Keeper and the Kittiwake decided we could go outside of the Intercoastal Waterway (ICW) to Atlantic City….  In short, it was a mistake.  We had an absolutely miserable day.  The seas were fairly high (3-4 feet, with peaks of 5-6) and 15-17 knots of wind.  The part that made it almost unbearable, though, was that the swells were very close together and were hitting the boat on our beam (side).  We rolled so violently back and forth that everything in the boat that had never hit the floor before did hit the floor that day.  At one point, I told Dan that I needed to go to the bathroom but I couldn’t stand up!  He was able to slow down and turn the boat so that I made my way down to do my business – it wasn’t much better, but I did survive the experience!  We were never so glad to pull into the marina in Atlantic City (at the Golden Nugget Casino).  Since the Sea Keeper cruises twice as fast as us, they had pulled in way before us.  Their experience on the ocean was just as violent as ours, just not as long.  We all felt like we had gone a couple of rounds with Mohammed Ali and lost!  We had Allan and Kathy over for appetizers and wine, then treated ourselves with a nice dinner in the casino.  We all hit the bed really early that night.
Unfortunately, the Sea Keeper had developed engine/transmission trouble and had just limped into the marina.  They had to stay for a few days to get parts and some repair work done.
One happy event in Atlantic City was meeting Greg.  He and his family were in their 'go fast' boat near our dock.  In conversation, we found out that Greg does marine electronics for a living.  We had not been happy with our electronics installation at Atlantic Yacht Basin and had some concerns and questions.  Greg nicely volunteered to meet with us the next morning to help.  He helped tremendously, and refused any form of payment.  What I did, though, was to publicize his company in the several boating groups of which we are members.  He may get really busy!
We didn’t explore Atlantic City at all, but got some pictures in the marina.  One boat, The Boardwalk, is owned by the casino owner – is over 110 feet long.  Wow.  Not sure how many staff she carries, but I saw several loads of foot and supplies being carried in.  I can’t even imagine that life, nor would I like to experience it!  I’m so happy with our little boat – we are comfortable and can handle anything with just the two of us.

the Boardwalk, with Dan!

the Kittiwake - our love!

With the weather predictions being more days like the one we just had, the easy decision was made to go north from Atlantic City to Baraget Bay via the ICW.  Details about that part of our journey in the next posting!

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