Wednesday, May 30, 2018

New Radar Arch! May 31, 2018

New Radar Arch!
We have been here at the Atlantic Yacht Basin for the past couple of weeks.  We have LOTS of work scheduled, and part took place last week.  But, the first exciting part was just completed today (May 31, 2018).  The tubular style radar arch we purchased at the Miami Boat Show this winter is now a part of the Kittiwake.  It totally changes the look of the boat, from the old plywood/fiberglass solid arch to a much more modern, clean look.  Also, one big reason for picking this arch is that it can be folded back to allow us passage through two fixed low bridges on the Great Loop, one on the Erie Canal, and one near Chicago.
To this arch will be attached the new radar, TV antenna, and other electronics.  The old electronics have been removed, but the new stuff will wait until we return from a visit home.  While we are gone, we hope some work will get done which would have involved us moving off the boat anyway.  Not to get too graphic, all the sanitary hoses will be removed and replaced – should result in a much more efficient and smell-free toilet operation!  They will also pull the boat out of the water, clean and paint the bottom and install new ‘zincs’.
My main chore for this arch installation was the historian…so here is the product of my work!

I just wish Dan would get involved in these events....!!

A wooden support had to be built to support the arch while the height was adjusted.

Thank you, Mr. Crane - that'll do!

All done and sitting pretty!

Close up
Other views from the Atlantic Yacht Basin, where we spent so much time....

inside lock near Atlantic Yacht Basin

nice walking path across the river

Great Bridge, near AYB

Opening bridge

sunset from our spot on the dock

view down the river

Max's favorite spot - on the dock

beautiful sailboat, part of the daily "parade" up the river

never tire of the view


from our cockpit down the river

sunset view

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