Wednesday, May 23, 2018


One of the benefits of our spending so much time in southern Virginia on the boat is that we did get to see our son-in-law, Chuck, and two grandsons, Eric and Jared.  We took them for a ride two times this spring and once last Fall.  Last Fall, we were in Portsmouth, so the ride they got was past the huge docks where the Navy ships are sitting.  This last visit, we took them up the Elizabeth River, then down the Dismal Swamp Canal as far as the first lock.  They did get to go through the Great Bridge and the Great Bridge lock.  I think they enjoyed it – we certainly did!  Dan’s daughter, Annie, is in the Navy and was deployed during this time.

Eric, Jared, Chuck

riding on the bow, enjoying the view!

Jared, Chuck, Eric

Eric got to drive the boat!


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