Thursday, April 9, 2020

Sedona, Arizona!

I have heard about this place for years and have wanted to come here.  We camped in Williams, which is just off I-40 about 30 miles north of Sedona.  One reason was that the drive to Sedona, on Highway 89A, is absolutely stunning!  We pulled off several times so I could get some pictures.

Today, it was raining most of the day – not a hard rain, but pretty steady.  I was a little disappointed, because I really wanted to take a jeep tour of the area.  But, I have to say, I really enjoyed what we did see.

The mountains around Sedona are covered to the top with trees.  There are blank cliffs, but trees are all the way to the top.  The rocks and cliffs are the most beautiful shades of deep red I have ever seen.  The road, also called Oak Creek Drive, goes along with the creek.  We have had lots of rain in recent days, so that creek is looking more like a river, a raging river!  The sights just took our breaths away.

The town of Sedona is lovely, reminding me of Vale and Aspen in Colorado.  Lovely shops, restaurants, and bars abound.  The main street has a number of really nice bronze statues, and of course, I was moved to take pictures of all that I saw!

Leaving Sedona, we went west on another scenic road.  The interesting thing is that the terrain, like other places we have observed in Arizona, changes and then changes again – all depending, I think, on the elevation.  Each is beautiful, each in a different way.  Some parts of the way, there are tall pine trees. Other parts have lower bushes and even some cactus. I even noticed today that, while the rocks around Sedona are mostly shades of red, in other places not too far away, the rocks were more gray shades and brown.
Enjoy the pictures!

note that they are selling Mackinac Island fudge here!!

great bronze sculptures all over town

this bronze rotates as the couple 'dances'!

love these old hippies!

whimsical wooden statue

not hard on the eyes - imagine living here and seeing this all the time!

love this sculpture, but...>>

...she's a little scary!!

from front of the sculpture>>>

from the back

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