Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Houston and Galveston

From New Orleans, we headed to Houston.  

The campground where we stayed wasn’t very nice, crowded, over-priced, muddy, but it was convenient to the Space Center.

We toured the Space Center, which makes the last of the Space Centers.  We have now been to the NASA Space Center in Florida, the Huntsville Space Center, and the Houston one.  Houston wasn’t our favorite, but interesting just the same.  We took a tram tour of the Johnson Space Center.  We saw some of the astronaut training facilities, Rocket Park, and, most interesting to me, Mission Control.  In Mission Control, different roles were identified and explained.
Unbelievably, neither of us took pictures that day!  I’m glad we got to see it.

Next stop was Galveston, where we stayed at the Jamaica Beach RV Park.  Folks we had met in Key West several years ago, Betty and Lee, were staying there for the season.  We enjoyed the stay there, got to walk on the beach, took nice walks with our pup out behind the park, visiting with Betty and Lee.

Next stop:  San Antonio, Texas!!

sunset in Jamaica Beach

nice paved walking path

sunset picture, #2

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