Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Last days in Florida, March, 2011

We had a nice visit at Dennie and Denise's home outside Orlando.  Dennie and Dan have known each other for 40 years!  On Saturday, we went on an airboat ride with them and some of their friends - what a hoot!  Mostly, we just sat around, socialized, ate the bountiful food that Denise kept pumping out of the kitchen.  They have about 5 acres, lovely, with an azalea-surrounded pool in the back.
Yesterday, we arrived at my daughter, Laura, and family's house in southern Georgia.  Dan had to go to San Diego, on one of his periodic business trips, and left me here to enjoy these children for a few days.  Today (Wednesday) is Rylan's 6th birthday, so I love that I am able to be here with him to make him feel special.  I was here in January for Brody's 3rd birthday - those things are important!

On Sunday, we'll continue our trip back home - first to visit some folks in South Carolina, then to my dad's in Ohio before getting back to Michigan.
For some reason, I'm having a problem getting all my pictures to post at this time, but more will be forthcoming!
sunset in Ft. Pierce, Fl   

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