Sunday, November 14, 2010

Bye Bye Georgia, on our way home!

Sunday, November 14, 2010
We have spent the past two days at Mark and Susie Clark's house in Roswell, GA. just north of Atlanta.  Susie is Dan's cousin from Addison, Michigan.  Lovely home, lovely area, wonderful Fall weather - feels like we have gone full circle, leaving Michigan in beautiful Fall weather and now we're back in the beautiful Fall colors, nice, crisp weather.  I've rearranged my clothes, so that the winter clothes I had packed away are available now and the summer clothes are stowed.  We had such a wonderful time at Susie and Mark's place - they spoiled us with great meals, good conversation, a great walk through beautiful woods. 
We've stopped for the night in Pigeon Forge, TN (Dolly's home!), just north of the Smokey Mountain National Park.  We enjoyed driving today, through northern Georgia's mountains and Fall colors, then through North Carolina and into Tennessee.  The last two hours, we ended up driving in the dark through about half of the park - these roads are fun and beautiful in the daytime, but just dark and tiring at night.  We finally have found out where all the tourists and RVs are - almost our entire trip, we had campgrounds to ourselves, or with only a few other campers.  This evening, we started at campgrounds in Gatlinburg, then we finally found a spot at the third one here in Pigeon Forge!  Why don't these people just go home?!
Tomorrow, we've got a fairly long drive to my dad's in southern Ohio, where we'll be until Wednesday.  Then, the last leg home.
pretty church in north Georgia

Hey!  Wait for me.....

pretty woods in Roswell, Ga - beautiful walk

Mark, Susie, and Dan

Dan and Gena

woods reflected in a still pond

great backdrop!

Cousin Susie

overlook at dusk in the Smokie Mountains

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