Tuesday, August 6, 2013

June 7 - trusses, roof, workshop and garage coming together!

The work continues.....garage walls are up and covered. 

 Above, you see the side of the garage (wider than the workshop), and the workshop door (also a garage entry door.
 Construction crew ready to put the garage side of the trusses up...
 Jeff, on top of the garage door, directing the trusses being put in place.
 Now, you can start to see the shape of the entire roof...

 View from the back of the yard.  On the right, Dan's workshop.
 More trusses go in.
 Praises to the truss engineer - it all came together beautifully!
 The roof over Dan's workshop will have a bit of an overhang, so that he can have the door open during a rain.
 From inside Dan's workshop.   The door leads to the main garage.
 Isaac, ever faithful watcher!
 Megan is guarding the brick we've reclaimed!

 Looking at the french door opening and the side of Dan's workshop.
 View from the street - side of original house, entrance to the mud room, ready to put up the main garage.
 Beautiful!  View from the 2nd floor of the original house.
 The main garage is up, trusses in place!
 Here you can see where the two truss systems come together....
 Garage is up!
 View from inside the garage into the mud room and hallway.
 From inside Dan's workshop.  Door leads to the back yard.

 Ready for the trusses over Dan's workshop.
 You can see the top of the Bilco doors - egress from the basement.
 This door system came in one big piece and was lifted into position, bolted into place.
 Dan's workshop.
 Looking at the Bilco door stairs, from inside our basement.
Now, you can see the doors at the top of the stairs.  They'll build a 'dog house' over the stairs.

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