Tuesday, August 6, 2013

June 12 - Roof shingles!

 The roof shingles go on - fortunately, the previous owner had put a new roof on no more than about two years ago - easy to match the shingles.
 David, a key part of our new house work!
 More work on the shingles.  Here, the garage and the mudroom/side entrance.
 Dan's workshop - the overhang is complete!
 Better view of Dan's workshop entrance and overhang.
 What a mess!  From the backyard.
 Entrance to Dan's workshop, and the garage in front.
 View from the east side of the house.  The two window openings are for our master bath and bedroom.
 Carpenter is putting the skylight into Dan's workshop roof.
 Just have to post a couple of pictures of the lovely Megan.  This is in our current backyard - her special place.
 She loves being outside, in the nice cool grass.
All stressed out....!


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  3. Glad to hear that you're not having a hard time doing your renovation project. You're fortunate enough that you don't have to install new roof, just invest on new shingles instead. How's the construction now? Is it already done?

    -Dina @ WoodRoof

  4. Less work and less spending, thanks to the previous owner of your newly purchased house. I must say that you made a good choice when you chose to buy a house with a good and conditioned roofing system. Adding shingles is much cheaper compared with having to install an entire new roofing system.

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