Thursday, August 22, 2013

August 22 - yard has been graded, trenches going in for drainage and electrical service

Yesterday, Dave and the gang used a John Deere tractor with a blade on the back and a shovel on the front to move the mounds of dirt we had stored in the front and the back yard.  The entire yard now is level!  Today, the machine of choice was a trencher - still hard going with our millions of rocks, roots, and hard hard clay.  Our backyard is lower than our neighbors and has a flooding issue when there's lots of rain or snow.  Also, we're burying our electrical service line.  So, after leveling the yard  yesterday, today the trencher was put to work.  The siding guy started his work today as well.  Pictures follow:
Our level back yard!
So far, the white pine has survived.
 Another view.
 This box is on the back garage - intended for electrical connection to our camper (or anyone else's who happens to camp in our driveway.....)!
 Now, that's what I call electrical service boxes!!

 Jim, the siding guy, has started!
Roy, Dave, and Dan cuss and discuss the trencher machine....
 Future lovely back yard!
Side of yard - no more heaps of dirt!

 Front yard - a little more leveling, maybe some top soil, and we're ready for grass seed!
 No more raggedy bushes next to the street.
 Trenches going in - painfully!
Here, you can see the trench that was dug.

Not easy!  Man with shovel is needed to facilitate the trencher's job.

This will be buried to carry the water from the back to the front yard and to the street.
 Bushes ready to plant in the back - should provide some privacy in a year or two.

Ok, now folks, you are all caught up!  Next week, insulation, both in the new and the old house.  After that, dry wall!

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