Tuesday, August 6, 2013

June 20 - new porch and sidewalk, plantings in the front yard!

We decided that the front stoop was in bad shape and needed replacing.  Ditto for the front sidewalk.
Ta da!  Lovely stamped concrete really dresses up the front of the house.
 The soil in the front yard turned out to be largely clay - EXTREMELY hard for digging holes.  After one day with a portable hole digger, we went back and rented a heavy duty one with a 24" auger!
 With the larger auger, the rest of the holes went very quickly.
Dan and Megan, both tired out after a big day on the construction site.
 You do expect some surprises from old houses.  This was our big one - the entire wall in the kitchen was a mess after years of leaking 'stink' pipe. 

The entire wall, from the outside brick in must be replaced.

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