Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday, Sept. 19, Fayette and Crystal Falls

Fayette, MI - on the Garden Peninsula (into Lake Michigan)
Well, here we are , the third day in the UP, and we've only made it about 150 miles...We just keep finding interesting stuff to see and do.  I guess we'd better make some tracks if we're going to see all we want to in these two weeks!
We spent the night in the Fayette Historic State Park, site of the long abandoned village of Fayette.  What a lovely site!  Many of the buildings have been restored, with markers and interesting displays, so you can see what life was like in the late 1800's for the people here.  The beaches are all limestone rock, and there's a huge limestone cliff that overlooks the little harbor.  Huge ships plied these waters, hauling the iron ore that was smelted here. The limestone was also used in the smelting process.
The colors are just starting to be seen. I expect by the time we head home, we should be treated to a real color show!
This afternoon, Dan had some work to do, so I got to play 9 holes of golf!  Did pretty well (for me), actually par'd a par 4 and a par 3.  Tonight, we're staying at Bewabic State Park near Crystal Falls.  Lovely wooded place, looks like a pretty lake to explore tomorrow morning.
This birch tree has several main limbs, not like the typical ones I've ever seen...

view of the cliffs from inside one of the old buildings

view of the lake through the trees

limestone covered beach at Fayette

when I say limestone-covered, I really mean it!

little plants make their way through the limestone cracks

cedar forest near Fayette

cedars and limestone...

colors are just starting to show.

building in Fayette, used bricks and limestone

What a pretty site!  see the abandoned docks all around the harbor

view of the cliffs through the woods

Cedar knee almost begs you to have a seat.....

So, Dan thought he would!

road around Fayette

We kept hearing a bell - there's the buoy!

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