Tuesday, September 20, 2011

From Crystal Falls to Porcupine Mountains`

Tuesday, Sept. 20, 2011
From Crystal Falls, we are heading to the Porcupine Mountains today! We seem to be unable to get started much before 11 am or noon!  We get up, have coffee, check our email et al, have some cereal, then get ready for the road.  Today, since we were at a park that does provide showers, we added that to our routine.  Dan has to be in range for Verizon at 3:00, so we may have to stop before we get to the Porcupine Mountains to take care of business.  We plan to spend 2-3 days there, then head up to Copper Harbor.  From there, we'll head back down to Pictured Rocks and Gran Marais.  We could easily spend a month in the UP and still not see everything, spend as much time everywhere that interests us!  So, this 2 week trip will be a down payment, and we'll see what we see.  We'll just have to come up again next year.
We've seen yard sales and garage sales, but yesterday, we saw a 'field sale' - my term, but they were set up in the middle of a field with knee-high grass!  This morning, we saw a sign in a little gas station/cafe:  "Yard sale Until the Snow Flies - new items added every day as we clean out some outbuildings..."!  We stopped for gas and coffee, and talked briefly with a group of motorcyclists from Sweden.  They'd been to Copper Harbor, flying the Swedish flag from the back of their cycles.  Happy bunch!
It seems the further north we go, the more the trees are showing their colors - imagine what Copper Harbor will be like!!
As we traveled along M-28, we saw a sign "Bond Falls".  To honor our tradition from Yogi Bera "If you see a fork in the road, take it!, we decided to check it out.  What a wonderful, magnificent surprise!  These falls can compete with Tahquamenon Falls for beauty!

Bond Falls - hard to choose the best shot!

Lower Bond Falls

More Lower Bond Falls

Dan, the intrepid adventurer


colors just getting started...

Bond Falls, up close


from the side

Can't choose - you can't make me!

He HAS to climb out on the rocks....

from the top

OK, if I have to choose, this is my pick!

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