Thursday, March 14, 2013

March 14, 2013 -on the road north!

 This morning, we had some work to do! We had received, from the builder, his work up of the costing for the new addition. After going through it, we had some questions and additions to make. It's really getting exciting! The original home is a colonial, two floors, 26' y 26'. The addition we are adding is 30X33 - much larger than the original house (one floor). Together with the two garages that will be connected to each other and to the house, we'll have a much larger home, and with all the features we are missing from the house where we currently live. Dan will have the basement, for whatever he wants to do with it, a large workshop for all his tools and projects, a two car garage for both our vehicles, a good sized new kitchen/family room, new bedroom and bath for us, first floor laundry/butler's pantry, and plenty of room for guests (hint, hint!). The original house will have all new windows, insulation, refinished wood floors, paint, and new trim. As I mentioned, we now have to get home, get the garages emptied out, the rest of the remaining things in the house emptied out, and get someone on the demolition and excavating. Can't wait to get started! Oh, and the outside (my domain) is pretty much a blank slate. the very large backyard was terribly overgrown from years of neglect. We had a crew come in and clear cut that space. This spring, we'll have to have a stump grinder back there to get ready for whatever I want to plant back there. The front yard is getting a makeover as well. Some huge yews will be pulled out, quite a bit of ground cover eliminated, a dead tree downed and ground to mulch. That part will likely get most of my attention early on, while excavation and building happens in the back. I'll have plenty to do, not to mention the normal upkeep of the yard where we live - no small task that. 

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