Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thursday, Feb 22, 2012 Key West

Another beautiful day - wind was perfect for sailing!  I think I am finally getting it!  The rules for sailing are so contrary to everything I've ever experienced - it's just taken me longer to start catching on than I thought.  For example, I had an 'AHA' moment today - as many times as I've been told, I finally more experientially that you (often) canNOT steer directly to where you're going - depending on the wind direction, you have to tack back and forth and plan ahead to get there!  I came away today in dry clothes, but two of my classmates went in - one of them three times!
Our laundry facilities at the campground have been out of commission due to an electrical problem for a week now.   I managed to get one wash load done, but today, I bundled up our sheets, towels, and various other things.  One bundle bungie-corded on the back of my bike, one in my backpack.  I sat outside the laundromat reading my book and giving directions to newly arrived tourists!
Dan will be back tomorrow - I've really missed him!  Tonight, I think I'll walk downtown with Meg, and hopefully meet up with our neighbors here in the campground.

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