Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Louisianna, Mississippi, Alabama, and Hello Florida!

November 1, 2010
Driving across Louisianna today - again, very different terrain.  For quite a few miles, the highway is elevatged, and there's swamp down below.  We didn't see any gators, but I'm sure they are there! We had the first rain on our trip today, but we're out of it by 11:30 or so.
To drive across the panhandle of Mississippi (about 75 miles) we decided to take Highway 90, which runs parallel to I-10 along the gulf coast.  Of course, this was the area devastated by Katrina 4 (?) years ago.  We did see evidence of new construction, some houses still boarded up, but mostly, it was a beautiful white white beach with lovely, gracious homes on the north side of the road.  Most of the houses have been built up on piers or columns that raise the first living floor to second floor height.  The beachfront has all new road, sidewalks, benches.  I did notice, though, that in the 50+ miles of beach, I saw almost no toilets!!  There were a few porta potties where there was some construction workers..  What's a person to do?  Drive to town, I guess...or wade in and.....yikes.
Tonight, we're parked at the Pensacola Naval Air Station campground.  There's a group of fun people our age who camp here for weeks at a time.  We may come back around mid-January to get out of the winter and enjoy their company!
Tomorrow, we'll see a Blue Angels show here and then head on down to the Orlando area.

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