Sunday, October 21, 2018

Erie, Pennsylvania, 10/7-8/2018

This was our first stop outside of the state of New York since about August 25!  Wow!  And, Erie is the only stop in Pennsylvania.
Erie couldn’t be more different from Dunkirk!  There was a beautiful marina and waterfront.  The marina was top notch, with very nice facilities for the boaters.  There is a huge hospital complex right across from the highway from the waterfront.  Their grounds are beautifully landscaped.  The walk to downtown was almost all uphill, but so worth the trouble!  We found a vital town, with restaurants aplenty, shops, a beautiful park, more than one construction project going on.  We had a very nice dinner in a busy pub downtown.
Right next to the marina was the very interesting  Maritime Museum.  A very old sailing ship, the USS Niagara, was docked outside the Museum.  It is the original ship, with, of course, replacement parts over the years.  It still sails every day during the summer season, at times taking groups of Boy Scouts for a several days' long adventure.  Our tour of the museum was so interesting – Erie was the site of a major battle in the War of 1812.  It was the first time the British fleet had been trounced!  Our guide for the tour was a retired Navy guy – the guide and our entire group appreciated Dan’s comments from his own Navy experience.

front of the Maritime Museum

We got to tour the ship!

pretty building...

gorgeous Greek orthodox church

girder from World Trade Center, post 9/11

9/11 memorial

We'll never forget 9/11

Whimsical statue with a good motto

cool fish 

USS Niagara, built in Erie, used to defeat the English in the Battle of Erie, 1812

Deck of the Niagara

on the deck - those square holes played an important role....ask me or Dan sometime!

proof that we were there!
beautiful sailing ship in full sail

just a beautiful tree!

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