Sunday, July 1, 2018

Leaving Atlantic Yacht Basin (Finally!!) and following days

End of our stay (finally!) at the Atlantic Yacht Basin

Our pocketbooks are considerably lighter, but we did get lots of work done.  First, as mentioned in my earlier post, the old arch was replaced.  New electronics were installed, including new radar, new (to us) chart plotters, GPS, TV antenna, AIS (boat identifying transmitter and receiver).  The boat was hauled out to have its bottom sanded, repainted, with new ‘zincs’ installed.  All our sanitary hoses were replaced.  Anyway, after all that, we are out and away! 
Our dinghy had been sitting in the water for a good part of this, since it would just be in the way on the boat.  When we started hauling it up onto the boat the other day, we discovered that the bottom was really GROSS, having accumulated slime, barnacles, and stain from the water.  So, we put it up on the cement, power washed it, which didn’t get everything.  Next came Gena with her scrub brush.  At first, not much progress.  The n I discovered that Bon Ami cleaner is the best thing for that sort of job!  After having to work so hard to get it clean, I told Dan that we will never put it in the water again!  Just joking, of course!

I cannot figure out why I can't get these pictures to display correctly - until I do, most are sideways!

one of the more unique boats seen from the AYB dock

taking the dinghy to shore to wash her nasty bottom!

Leaving the AYB, we headed north past Norfolk and Portsmouth, planning to cruise about 50 miles to Deltaville, about half way back to our original marina “home”, Olverson’s Lodge Creek Marina.  When we rounded the point and entered the Bay, we found that the winds were just too high to give us a comfortable cruising day. So, we turned around and took shelter at Old Point Comfort, in Hampton, Va. for the night.  Next day, conditions were perfect for cruising in the big bay.  We decided to make it a really long day and go on into Olverson’s.  That meant a 10 hour cruise.  We were a little worried about Max, but he actually did just fine.  He was really glad to get off the boat and relieve himself, though.  Fortunately, there was a big gathering and pot luck dinner that night, so no cooking from me was needed!  Nice to see everyone, and very nice to hit the rack really early!

Dan doing his morning Boat Yoga to check the you see him

Now you don't!

A group of boats had gathered at Olverson’s, and then planned to go just across the Potomac River to Corinthian Yacht Club.  A van was rented to cart us over to St. Marys College for an orchestra concert and fireworks on Friday evening.  We enjoyed the concert and the comraderie.  We were welcomed to this yacht club with no charge for the dockage or electricity!  That was wonderful, except we found that their electrical pedestal wasn’t quite right – so, our A/C (necessary in the 95+ heat) kept blowing the supposedly 50 amp circuit.  OK, so on to the next dock!  Reportedly, the Crisfield marina is very nice, and even has a pool.
One nice encounter these past past few days was the Martins, on their boat Knot So Fast, with their very Max-like dog, sweet Abby.  She’s somewhat larger than Max, at 120 pounds, and is a Dane/Mastiff mix. What a sweet dog. So, we are ‘buddy boating’ with them for the next few days.  Nice to meet some very compatible and dog-loving people!

Oh, and for the refrigerator continuing saga – it’s out again, after being really flaky for the past few days.  We had a new fan installed while at AYB, and thought we were home free – not so much.  Now, we are just operating out of the electric cooler on the fly bridge.  And, of course, had to throw out a bunch of food that I had purchased when we thought we had a functioning fridge.  GRRRR.  We are hoping to find a good refrigerator repair person in Crisfield – there is a huge boat yard there.

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