Monday, May 7, 2018

April 28 thru May 3, 2018 Rendezvous!

In Norfolk, attending the America’s Great Loop Cruiser’s Association Spring Rendezvous
We left our ‘home’ marina, Olverson’s,  in Lottsburg, Virginia on Friday, April 26.  We had been there for about 3 weeks, with Dan and I working on the boat, getting her cleaned up from the winter, ready for cruising.  We love it at this marina – way out in the boonies, wonderful people, very dog friendly!  Max doesn’t need to be on a leash most of the time, knows where he can get a treat and a pet.   We do have our truck there, but the marina also has 4 vehicles that sit there all the time, keys in, for their customers who need to go to a restaurant, the hardware store, the grocery store.
Anyway, we were ready to move on!  We had a terrific day for cruising to the mouth of the Potomac and on down the Chesapeake Bay to Deltaville.  We had stopped here once before last Fall.  Met some nice people on another boat, shared the marina’s loaner truck to go out for a nice dinner.  Boat people, we are finding, are the greatest!
Next day, we had another beautiful day for cruising.  We pulled into the Waterside Marina in Norfolk on Saturday.  We had hoped to dock with few witnesses, even though Dan is really good at the docking stuff.  Well, we didn’t get our wish!  The marina holds maybe 60 boats, and they were mostly full, and mostly all “Loopers” like us!  Fortunately, Dan did a magnificent job of turning around in a small basin and backing quite a ways into our slip.  Of course, his dock hand (me!) did a pretty good job of having lines and fenders ready to secure the boat.
Waterside didn’t have many amenities, but was so convenient to our conference that it was worth it.    I loved the floating docks, which meant that access to the boat was the same regardless of the tides.  Sometimes, at Olverson’s, it’s quite a steep angle for Max’s ramp to get onto the boat.  Norfolk has a beautiful waterfront.  It’s really interesting to see all the huge boats, both Navy and commercial, in the dry dock across the river.
Norfolk's waterfront 
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The conference was pretty great, with learning opportunities galore plus lots of socializing with the other Loopers.  Wonderful, fun people!  There were two couples whom we had met prior, in Key West and other boater gatherings.  We’ll see them again, I'm sure!
view of all the looper boats parked in the marina
from Norfolk, across the river, huge cranes in the dry dock
Another view of the looper boats
bridge from the marina

nice view of the marina

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