Friday, January 26, 2018

January 26, 2018 Camping (and Volunteering) in Key West

Well, here we are, experiencing the typical high winds in January in Key West.  Not much for sitting outside or other casual activities.  
Monday, I did report for 2 hours work on the Key West gardens - they've pretty much been cleaned out from Irma, but there's always work to do.
Yesterday, we joined a group of people to help clean up part of US1 from Irma.  72 bags of debris!  Plus a pile of items that would not fit into a large construction bag.  Ouch, my aching back was talking to me!

Today, I’m mostly sitting inside, cleaning out my email, writing for the blog (!), reading.  I’ve read some really good books recently!  
I’ll close with a picture of the working group from yesterday.

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