Friday, June 7, 2013

June 2, 3, and 4 - basement is completed, floor constructed

The basement work continued all day on May 29 - the crew finished up around 8:30 that night!  Long day for them.
On Sunday, June 2, Dan and Larry, the cement guy, had to come in to pour the footings for the two garages.  We had thought those should wait until the main addition walls were up, but the carpenters needed the footings done before they could start! So, even though it was Sunday, and even though Dan was sick from a bad cold, they had to soldier on!  See that smile on Dan's face?  He almost always has a smile on his face - just one reason I love this guy!
Larry is getting those footings dug.

There's the basement,all completed and pretty!

And, there's the famous sump pump - works like a champ!

Now you can see the widened door from the old to the new garage.  We'll put an additional step from the big step to the new basement floor.

The floor joists are in place!

Here, you can see where the 'Bilco' door will be placed for egress from the basement.

Dave is bracing the door opening from the old to the new basement.

Looks so different now down in the basement!

Now, the sub floor goes on....

Meg just wants to make sure everything is done properly....a minute ago, she was curled up on the floor in the sun asleep!

Ready to start on the walls!

Meg is sticking with Dan...

A view from the outside of the ' Bilco' door spot.

The first outside wall is being constructed.

One of the pieces of heavy equipment that makes the carpenters' job easier...

The wall is about ready to go up....

This wall is now in place!

Now, you see the 'Bilco' door ready to be lifted into place.

This is where it's going!

And, there it is!!

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