Monday, August 29, 2011

more pictures from this Spring and Summer!

Janice and Craig's lovely back yard in Colorado

one of their lovely bronzes

two sisters acting silly....

Janice at the Broadmoor Hotel near Colorado Springs

sisters at the Broadmoor

from the front entrance of the Broadmoor

one of the gorgeous magical falls at Hocking Hills in Ohio

magical trail in the Hocking Hills

more magic in the Hocking Hills

another falls in the Hocking Hills

Cedar Falls, Hocking Hills

Travis, my son, with my three Michigan grandchildren...

Declan, 6 years old, with goofy glasses!

Princess Ella (4) and 2 year old Isaac

All three Michigan grands sleeping...

Daughter, Laura, and her youngest, Brody, 3

Rylan, age 6, celebrating his successful tying of his shoe!!

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