Sunday, January 16, 2011

First stop on our trip, January 2011

We left Michigan on January 15, and have stopped at my dad's house in Waverly, Ohio.  We have had a nice visit with Dad and Ida Jo.  On Sunday, we visited a National Park called Hopewell National Monument, where there are walls and mounds from a prehistoric people.  Very interesting.  (I didn't get any pictures!)  But, these people built walls in geometric shapes, with mounds of various sizes and for various purposes.  Facinating to think of the generations it took to build some of these structures.  Then we were thinking, ok, so the first guy that thought of this brought the idea to the clan/group/family?  "I want to build this high earthen wall that empasses many acres, and then build mounds in which we can put ashes of our honored deceased members.....It will take many many years, and our decendants will be building here for their lives, and for their decendants' lives...."  And, the rest of the people said...."WHAT???"  
Anyway, nice to have a visit, tell and listen to tales from years ago.  Next, we'll be driving on Monday to friends in Crossville, Tennessee.
Happy trails!

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